Double Your Walmart Savings Catcher Balance with Bluebird!

by Becky on November 25, 2014

2xsavingscatcherWalmart shoppers, this is a MUST-READ!:

If you’ve been using Walmart’s Savings Catcher app, or doing it online, you need to go NOW to Walmart to pick up a free* Bluebird prepaid card! (They’re getting hard to find in stores!)

Why?  You can “cash out” your Savings Catcher balance to a Bluebird card, and they will DOUBLE the amount IF you spend it at Walmart (in-store OR online)!

bluebird*The Bluebird card is FREE — you just have to preload it with a minimum of $1. There are no monthly fees, no fees to reload it, and you can use it anywhere that takes AmEx (though the doubled Savings Catcher balance will only be honored at Walmart).

You can even withdraw all or part of your balance (not the doubled part, though) at a variety of ATMs without a fee — these are mostly the ATMs in Walmarts. There’s a list online.

The doubling promotion runs through February!  Word about it is spreading quickly — the Bluebird card displays at many of the registers at the Denham Walmart were empty on Monday (I had to go down about 8 registers to find one), so if you wanna get in on this in time for Black Friday shopping, you need to get to a Walmart and pick up your card ASAP!

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